On-demand Engineering Support (blocks of 20 hours)


Use your credit card to quickly purchase blocks of on-demand support to accelerate your engineering needs.


Buy engineering hours to support your internal development needs and leverage the team of engineers here at Pipeline Design & Engineering. You can use these hours to support the following activities:

  • General mechanical design
  • Equipment/test fixture/machine design (including automation)
  • Product design (design for injection molding, machining, sheet metal, other common mfg processes)
  • Industrial design (let’s make things look good!)
  • General R&D
  • Engineering/manufacturing documentation
  • Other (contact us if you have a unique request)

Once your purchase is confirmed an engineer will contact you to begin working on your project, and will continue until your block of hours has been exhausted.

Want to talk through the details first (confirm capability, schedule, etc)? Contact us to review your requirements.


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