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In our engineering podcast, Being An Engineer, we interview the world’s highest performing engineers to learn their lessons for success so we can apply them to our own lives and careers. The podcast is a central repository in which we collect and share industry knowledge & best practices associated with the discipline of engineering. We hope that engineers throughout the world will benefit from this content as they learn about and connect with the companies, technologies, people, resources, and opportunities featured on our show.

If you would like to appear as a guest on the Being An Engineer podcast please fill out the form below and tell us a little about yourself and how you would like to contribute to the show.

The Being An Engineer podcast is the only engineering podcast sponsored by Pipeline Design & Engineering. Contact us today to learn about how your team can leverage ours to design & develop custom manufacturing equipment, test fixtures, and industrial automation.

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Are you an engineer (or in an engineering-adjacent role), passionate about what you do, and have a story or experience to share? Submit the form below to be considered as a guest on our nerdy (and awesome) engineering podcast!

    Aaron Moncur, M.S., B.S., is an engineer and entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of product development experience. He holds a Master of Science in bioengineering and a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering. He is the founder of Pipeline Design & Engineering & the host of the Being An Engineer podcast.  



    Industrial Engineer Here


    June 10, 2024

    Jovany F

    I love your podcast. You guys are the only front entrance to the best engineering community.




    March 17, 2024

    Victoria M

    Your podcast, “Being an Engineer,” is inspiring. The recent episodes, especially with Grace Park, were insightful. Your diverse interviews broaden my understanding of engineering’s impact. I appreciate your effort and look forward to more. Thank you for your contribution!


    Inspire a new generation of engineers


     Apr 6, 2023 

    Josh R

    I am an engineering student and independent design engineering intern with NASA. I recently found your podcast and it has become the only thing that I listen to while I work. I just wanted to say that I really love what you all are doing there, and it has the potential to inspire a new generation of engineers to help change the world. I just wanted to reach out and show you guys some love, and thank you for what y’all are doing!


     I’ve learned so much! 


     Feb 18, 2022 


    As an engineering student, I have learned so much from the Being an Engineer podcast. The episodes are well structured and enjoyable. In addition, the podcast excels at hosting a variety of guests from different backgrounds and technical areas. As a student, it has opened my idea of what opportunities are available. As the introduction states, the podcast is a repository for knowledge. Again, the producer is incredible at hosting interesting and insightful industry professionals. These individuals are experienced and willing to share their knowledge. Truly, this podcast is a must listen too. In fact, some of the insight I’ve learned from the podcast has helped me advance in my professional career. 


    Great podcast!! 


     Feb 12, 2022 


    I am an engineering student. This podcast has given me a plethora of resources, connections, and knowledge as I continue my journey to becoming an engineer. Thank you! 


     Great Podcast for Engineers! 


     Jun 2, 2021 


    Aaron and the Being an Engineer team do a great job of bringing in relevant conversations for engineers at any stage of their careers. A great listen! 


    Great interviews! 


     Apr 2, 2021 

    PB Guest 

    I was one of the guests of the show. I loved Aaron’s balance of in-depth questions and genuine curiosity about the future. The world needs more quality podcasts like this! 


    A must listen for any aspiring Mechanical Engineer 


     Dec 5, 2020 

    freshman engineer 

    I haven’t come across any other podcast that dives into the topics discussed in this podcast. 


    Very practical 


     Dec 1, 2020 


    I find this team very knowledgeable and practical in their advice for engineers. I love the breadth of experience they draw from to illustrate principles. 

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