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Welcome to CAD Club! We are actively accepting new students now. If you would like to join, PLEASE READ ALL FAQ, then scroll down & apply via the form at the bottom of this page. Students will be accepted on a first come first serve basis up to the term limit.

If you are not a student but would like to help or contribute in some way, contact us via the form below or submit a donation here.

Fall session registration is open.

Fall session starts Wednesday, Sept 4th, 2024

What’s the goal of CAD Club?

  • Expose kids to engineering
  • Provide kids with a safe & supportive environment in which to learn what successful adult behavior looks like

What will we do?

  • Learn CAD (Computer Aided Design – we are using the OnShape CAD platform, which is free for educational use) & various engineering principles
  • 3D print & build our designs
  • Eat

What is expected of the students who attend CAD Club?

  • Support each other
  • Use clean language
  • Practice your kindergarten skills
  • Put your phone away
  • Attend all the classes (each class builds on the last, so students who miss classes will fall behind making it difficult to maintain even progress across the class as a whole)

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Students are expected to supply their own laptop & mouse – make sure you bring a mouse! (laptops do not need to be high performance machines, just about any laptop will do, including school-issued laptops); a very limited supply of Pipeline-supplied laptops and mice are available on a first come/first served basis

Who can attend?

  • Kids mature enough to not require adult supervision (generally speaking, junior high and high school age kids, 13-18 years old)
  • Space is limited; for now, we will accept up to 8 students per term (we hope to increase this in the future)

Where and when will it be?

  • Pipeline Design & Engineering: 2429 W 12th St #4 Tempe, AZ 85281
  • Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm
  • Each term lasts for 10 weeks
  • Four terms per year, starting the first Wed in Jan, April, July, & October

Is CAD Club offered outside of Arizona?

  • At this time CAD Club is only offered at our office, which is in Tempe, AZ.

How can the community help?

  • Make a monetary donation
  • Donate old laptops and mouses
  • Local restaurants can donate dinner for the class
  • If you’re an engineer, we’d love a few more instructors!

Are parents allowed?

  • Yes, absolutely – we welcome parents.
  • Feel free to drop your student off and pick him/her up at the end of class, or stay yourself the whole time.

Who are the instructors?

The majority of our instructors are mechanical engineers who work here at Pipeline. Below is a sample list of instructors (note that instructors may change class to class and term to term):

Can the students join remotely?

For now the class is only in person. We may open it up to remote students at a later time.

General notes:

  • There will always be a minimum of two adults present at CAD Club (at least one of which will be a Pipeline team member)
  • To promote CAD Club, photos and videos will sometimes be taken during class and shared on social media; students/parents will be asked to sign a photo release
Michael Crow CAD Club Thank You Letter

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