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About Pipeline Design & Engineering

Brand Name

Pipeline Design & Engineering is derived from the iconic and spectacular wave surfers know and love – the majestic pipeline. Leaning on his Hawaiian roots, founder Aaron Moncur created a brand to tell a story that even the most complex and technical challenges are worth tackling.

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Organization Overview

Pipeline Design & Engineering is an engineering services firm developing new manufacturing processes, custom fixtures, and automated machines for engineering and manufacturing teams. Common applications include test fixtures, inspection systems, life cycle machines, and assembly automation.

By partnering with established OEMs, Pipeline locks arms with customers from the early stages of research and development through formal device verification and into production. Pipeline’s expertise translates user needs into engineering requirements for streamlining processes in testing and manufacturing environments.  

The heart of Pipeline is its strong commitment to company culture, core values, and purpose. Led by Moncur, intentional efforts to embed a joyous, inviting, and trustworthy environment for employees to thrive are also threaded through every aspect of Pipeline’s outreach to the community from free CAD Club sessions and internships for high school students to the Being an Engineer podcast sharing industry expertise and valuable lessons to the engineering community. 

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Pipeline Design & Engineering has been serving solutions to customers since 2009. 

Shorter: Pipeline Design & Engineering provides process development, custom fixtures, and automated machines to OEMs. Customers also utilize Pipeline’s supplementary design services for new product development projects.

Our Mission & Purpose, plus an Enduring Culture

Mission: To build equipment R&D and MFG teams LOVE to use

Culture: Pipeline Design & Engineering believes company culture is so important that it’s critical to get it right. Understanding that culture transcends individuals and permeates into every crevice of the organization, Pipeline’s strong focus on core values and company purpose ultimately drives the trajectory of the company. 

Purpose: Pipeline’s highest level purpose is to promote joy in the lives of team members and that approach is embedded at the core of our work.


Aaron Moncur, founder

Aaron Moncur is the founder of Pipeline Design & Engineering and the host of the Being An Engineer podcast. An engineer and entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of product development experience, Aaron seeks to provide smart, efficient engineering solutions for customers seeking to invent and streamline processes. 

Born a problem-solver and innovative thinker, Aaron’s commitment to his employees, his customers, and advancing the field of engineering is second to none. Besides living the mission of Pipeline, ‘to develop manufacturing processes, fixtures, and automated machines that research & development and manufacturing teams LOVE to use’, Aaron’s highest level purpose is to promote joy in the lives of his team members; a remarkable trait for a company and industry leader. 

Aaron holds a Master of Science in Bioengineering from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University.

Quote: “Creation is in our DNA at Pipeline,” says founder Aaron Moncur. “As a world, we have gone from the abacus to supercomputers. That internal drive to create—to reach into the void and transform a shapeless concept into a physical reality—is ingrained in our work and the most thrilling thing we do.”

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Case Studies

Typical projects leveraging Pipeline’s services range from simple static test fixtures to highly sophisticated industrial automation controlled with PLCs and HMIs. Case studies here.

More Information

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If you have additional questions or would like to connect with a member of Pipeline leadership, please contact Shelli Witt, at 844-299-PIPE (7473) or INFO@TEAMPIPELINE.US.

Pipeline Design & Engineering Assets

Being An Engineering Podcast

Being An Engineer podcast

Host: Aaron Moncur, founder Pipeline Design & Engineering

Being An Engineer podcast is a central repository sharing industry knowledge and best practices from the world’s highest performing engineers in which engineers can learn about and connect with relevant companies, technologies, people, resources, and opportunities. Being An Engineer can be found on Google Podcasts, Buzzsprout, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. 

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The Wave Community

The Wave Community

The Wave is a platform of tools, education, and community to dramatically accelerate the speed of engineering for teams who develop machines, hard goods products, & devices by connecting mechanical engineers, R&D engineers, process development engineers, mechanical design engineers, product development engineers, or similar.

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CAD Club

CAD Club

CAD Club is a free 10-week session for local students grade 7-12 that introduces various engineering principles such as hands-on design experiences, CAD (Computer Aided Design) through OnShape and 3-D printing. Held at company headquarters, CAD Club also teaches important and valuable life skills to its student members through the CAD Club tenets and core values.

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