Proven equipment for validating surgical devices,  catheters, & other medical instruments

Turnkey equipment & custom test fixtures for medical device reprocessing teams

Your engineering teams can benefit from the extensive library of medical device reprocessing test fixtures & equipment designs Pipeline has already developed, many of which need only small adjustments to accommodate your new devices. The following list highlights just some of the equipment we have developed for reprocessing engineering & manufacturing teams:

  • Modular device holders
  • Adapters and couplers for Instron test machines
  • Life cycle test stations
  • Catheter tip deflection fixtures
  • 3-point bend fixtures for catheter shafts
  • Insertion force fixtures for surgical instruments & trocars
  • Electrical continuity fixtures for electrosurgical laparoscopic devices
  • Jaw handle & blade trigger actuation fixtures (force measurement)
  • Thermal vision systems
  • Thermally-regulated fluid systems
  • Surgical device shaft RPM & torque measurement systems
  • Catheter torqueability and steering knob fixtures
  • Production/assembly jigs & equipment
  • Custom inspection equipment
  • Gluing fixtures
  • Simulated (tissue) cut test fixtures
  • Pressure test fixtures
  • Device disassembly fixtures
  • Cleaning fixtures (including for microlumen catheters)
  • Catheter flow test fixtures
  • Ultrasound catheter tip alignment fixtures
  • Drop test fixtures
  • Tube/shaft straighteners

In addition to developing medical device reprocessing test fixtures & equipment we also offer the following supplementary services:

  • 3D scanning and reverse engineering
  • Component interchangeability analysis (for identifying common components between device families that can be kitted together)
  • Drawing package creation (MFG documentation)
  • Replacement component design

Companies who have derived the most value from Pipeline are those with an existing internal engineering staff that can be augmented with our team’s deep history developing turnkey automated equipment & custom test fixtures. Please contact us today to discuss how your team can leverage ours to accelerate the schedule of your medical device reprocessing programs.

Need some Test Fixture Design?

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