Finding the right manufacturers is a key part of the product development process. We have developed working relationships with both local and foreign manufacturing partners. From prototypes through low and high volume production, we know the right people to get your product made.

A key development in the product development arena has been the advent of rapid prototyping. Using these technologies, we are able to quickly produce geometrically accurate representations of your product, often in a form that is suitable for functional testing. These processes take days instead of weeks, and are typically substantially more cost effective than traditional manufacturing processes.

Once the design has been finalized, our network of production manufacturers will create the necessary tooling and systems to create your product in the necessary volume, whether it be hundreds, thousands, or even millions.

Need some manufacturing?

Pipeline Design & Engineering provides product development services to established product companies, startups, inventors, and any other groups with design & engineering needs. Please contact us today and let’s get started!


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