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The PopTimer Pro100™, developed by Caught Stealing, is a data collection solution that measures the pop time, exchange time, average velocity, and throw distance of catchers. Historically, pop times were measured manually with a stopwatch. Over the co-founders’ 13 years as professional players and a collective 30 years as instructors, no one had developed a truly objective, reliable way to measure these metrics. Now, Caught Stealing’s tool provides detailed data. Pop times and exchange times are measured to 1/1000th of a second, available for instantaneous review on the accompanying iOS app. A “radar gun for catchers”, the PopTimer Pro100’s data collection system removes financial barriers and allows early-career players to display their ability.   

Co-founders Matt Ceriani and Caleb Balbuena engaged the team at Pipeline to develop and prototype the PopTimer Pro100™ housing. The result was a simple design, robust and water resistant, ready for manufacture. 

Four long years of top aerospace engineering together with the best coaches and players at the major league level have helped us create the most accurate throwing data collection system ever created,” said co-owner Matt Ceriani.  

Their product made its official launch last month, retailing for just $399.

“We are excited to see catchers help launch this technology that will transfer to other platforms in the future as well,” says Balbuena on the Caught Stealing website.  

You can see product demos and find more info on their website.  

Photo of the final product design

Photo Courtesy of Caught Stealing


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