Concept Design: mitigate risk & refine scope


Deliverables for a concept phase include the following:

  • Up to a maximum of 40 hours of engineering labor (this is effectively a 20% discount off Pipeline’s standard hourly rate) 
  • Concept CAD design *
  • Up to two design reviews with the customer to share progress and receive feedback 
  • If applicable, quote for the full development project ** 

* The concept CAD will include enough detail to communicate the high-level architecture of the proposed design solution, but will NOT yet be progressed to a manufacturing-ready state in this phase (if applicable, the manufacturing-ready design progression will occur during the full project phase); if CAD is not the appropriate format in which to deliver the results of the concept phase work, a different format (report, PPT, etc) can be used instead 

** Most customers who utilize Pipeline’s concept design package do so in preparation for a larger project; however, if the concept is all you need that is also an acceptable way to utilize the package 


Before mountaineers summit Everest they spend time learning and refining their approach on small mountains. This approach is useful for developing custom equipment & products, as well. Since a full development program is often quite expensive, it can make sense to start that journey with a relatively small & inexpensive concept phase. The concept phase is the first step in bringing your idea to life, the first step towards making it a reality. There are many advantages to doing so: 

  • Reduce full project risk (Pipeline’s team will spend time early on aligning on objectives and even a preliminary design)
  • Get super clear on full project scope & requirements (part of the concept phase is making sure both Pipeline and your team understand all the requirements)
  • Gain robust understanding of full project cost and schedule (concept design phases often unearth details that had not been considered before, and these details help better inform the full scope of the project)
  • Develop confidence that full project will succeed (the concept phase provides a realistic design of what your team will receive if the full project proceeds)
  • Share realistic design visualizations to gain buy in from stakeholders
  • Gain confidence that Pipeline thoroughly understands your needs (your team will evaluate the concept design to ensure it aligns with expectations)

Following the checkout process you will be prompted to select a time to kick off your project. If none of the available times work for you simply respond to the confirmation email you receive and we will contact you to schedule a time that is convenient for you. If you need an NDA signed, we are happy to do this prior to the kickoff meeting, as well.

If the deliverables you are looking for don’t align with what is listed above, contact us and we can customize a concept phase that is suited to your specific project needs.

What happens after the concept design phase?

If a concept is all you need, nothing needs to happen following the concept design phase. However, most of our customers are looking for a full turnkey solution. The concept phase is simply a way of taking the first few steps down the path without incurring the risk/expense of jumping head first into the full development project all at once. Following completion of this concept phase, a quote based on said concept can be created for the full development project. This will include a detailed worksheet listing all of the steps Pipeline’s team will take to develop your custom equipment, fixture, automation, or product.






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