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What is a Design Accelerator (DA)? DAs are anything (often CAD, but not always) that help engineers do their job faster/better. For example, a CAD library of threaded inserts and associated Solidworks hole profile features, CAD of a limit switch & mounting bracket, or a device holder that can be rapidly updated to accommodate different devices. Non-CAD examples could be a project management document/tool, a meeting notes template, or an article others can learn from about how (and why) PDM can be effectively set up and configured. Design Accelerators are like building blocks for engineers that provide them with partial solutions that can be combined rapidly to produce full design solutions instead of starting from scratch on each project.

Below we have curated a short selection of Design Accelerators we are giving away at no cost (for a limited time). All we ask is that after downloading and using them you consider sharing your feedback with us so we can make them even better for you and the engineering community as we continue developing The Wave.

Learn More About Design Accelerators

Many engineering companies have their own design libraries to expedite their work. What makes The Wave’s DAs different from other company libraries is that we are making all of our DAs available to the engineering community instead of keeping them behind closed doors. In fact, that is what The Wave is all about: developing & collecting the world’s cumulative engineering knowledge and making it available to all as opposed to each company having their “vault” and as a result engineers outside of those vaults constantly having to reinvent the wheel. Chances are that if you’re working on a “new” design, someone somewhere has already designed it (or something very similar). So, why not collect these designs/tools/best practices in a central repository that everyone can access? Imagine if you had to design and build a bolt every time you wanted to fasten something. That is effectively what happens so much of the time as engineers reinvent the wheel on their designs. The Wave’s DAs will become like a hardware store for CAD & engineering solutions.

We will be updating this page regularly with new Design Accelerators you can download for free, so check back often.

Have an idea for a Design Accelerator? Contact us and share your idea – we may develop it for you!

The Wave of The Future of Engineering

We’ve had hundreds of years to build the foundational elements of engineering and manufacturing, yet every day engineers experience frustration as they’re forced to reinvent the wheel. Why? Our industry’s problem is not insufficient knowledge, it’s insufficient access to that knowledge.

The Wave is a paradigm shift in product development that curates & makes accessible practical tools, education, and community to dramatically accelerate the speed of engineering. Near term, The Wave exists in a collection of web pages. We already have a Design Accelerator download page (see below for more information on Design Accelerators) where users can download DAs for free. We recently launched the vendor connection portal site where users can register for an account and access/add great engineering/manufacturing vendors. We have also created a “product” where customers can purchase time by the hour (e.g. for brainstorming or design reviews as a service).

Long term, the intention is to unify these and other Wave features (community forum, mentoring as a service, physical products, live events, etc) into a single site that will become the central repository to access all Wave-related content. Access to this site will likely be through a subscription. We welcome your feedback on any aspect of The Wave – contact us to share your thoughts.

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