The Wave of The Future of Engineering

We’ve had hundreds of years to build the foundational elements of engineering and manufacturing, yet every day engineers experience frustration as they’re forced to reinvent the wheel. Why? Our industry’s problem is not insufficient knowledge, it’s insufficient access to that knowledge.

The Wave is a paradigm shift in product development that curates & makes accessible practical tools, education, and community to dramatically accelerate the speed of engineering. One of the key tools The Wave will offer is called Design Accelerators. Below we have curated a short selection of Design Accelerators we are giving away at no cost (for a limited time). All we ask is that after downloading and using them you consider sharing your feedback with us so we can make them even better for you and the engineering community as we continue developing The Wave.

We will be updating this page regularly with new Design Accelerators you can download for free, so check back often.

Have an idea for a Design Accelerator? Contact us and share your idea – we may develop it for you!


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