Apple’s Liam Recycling Robot

 In Product Design


In March of last year, Apple announced they had created a robot named Liam. With 29 robotic arms, all having different functions, Liam works in a sort of assembly line system to disassemble returned and damaged iPhones in order to make the recycling process easier and to help cut down on electronics waste. This invention is super efficient and can complete an iPhone disassembly every 11 seconds. Apple created this robot with the desire to create a recycling revolution, and is  hopeful that other companies will catch on and follow suit.

While Liam currently only disassembles the iPhone 6S, Apple’s engineers are working to create more robots to disassemble other Apple products as well.

This robot is quite the engineering feat, and Pipeline has developed automated systems to accomplish similar tasks. If you have a project for which specific controls are needed, contact us now to learn more about how we can help you!

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