S5E16 James Rogers | R&D Engineering Series – Interview 1 of 6

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S5E16 James Rogers | R&D Engineering Series – Interview 1 of 6

The episode features an interview with James Rogers about his career in R&D engineering. He discusses what drew him to engineering, his experiences working in R&D, the challenges of the field, important mindsets, and advice for others.

Main Topics:

  • Defining R&D engineering
  • Challenges in R&D
  • Important tools and skills
  • Key attributes of successful R&D engineers
  • Lessons learned over his career.

About the guest: James Rogers holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in additive manufacturing and has substantial experience in both design and production. He is particularly interested in early-stage product development and rapid prototyping technologies, and says that in a perfect world he would spend his career putting humanity on other worlds and out among the stars, but in the meantime Medical Device work is a great way to help human kind!

James Rogers – LinkedIn
Email – protodevandfab@gmail.com


About Being An Engineer

The Being An Engineer podcast is a repository for industry knowledge and a tool through which engineers learn about and connect with relevant companies, technologies, people resources, and opportunities. We feature successful mechanical engineers and interview engineers who are passionate about their work and who made a great impact on the engineering community.

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