S5E14 Ian McEachern | Artificial Hearts, Times Square LED Displays, & Engineering Freelancing

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S5E14 Ian McEachern | Artificial Hearts, Times Square LED Displays, & Engineering Freelancing

Ian McEachern returns to discuss his career in R&D engineering, focusing on challenges in medical device development and the importance of persistence. He shares stories about developing artificial heart pumps and mentoring young engineers.

Main Topics:

  • Challenges in sourcing components and standards interpretation for medical devices
  • Defining the role of R&D engineers; streamlining manufacturing processes
  • Failure and iteration in product development
  • Ian’s grandfather’s journey from WWII to NASA
  • Building an encouraging engineering culture.

About the guest: For over 15 years Ian McEachern has been helping cutting edge companies design highly complex products including artificial hearts, blood pumps, and class III medical devices. Products Ian has designed are in Times Square, the Disney Parks, the Smithsonian, and implanted in people around the world. Ian, I’m super excited to talk with you today, thank you for joining me on the show.

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