S5E12 Dylann Ceriani | Prototype Injection Molding

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S5E12 Dylann Ceriani | Prototype Injection Molding

Aaron Moncur interviews Dylann Ceriani about her career in mechanical engineering and medical devices. They discuss prototype injection molding, material selection, 3D printing applications, and advice for young engineers.

Main Topics:

  • Career journey from biomechanics to founding ProtoShop
  • Differences between production and prototype molding
  • Cost considerations and timelines for prototype tooling
  • Advances in medical device development and regulations
  • Tips for minimizing molding costs and selecting materials
  • Advice for advocating for yourself and learning from all experiences

About the guest: Dylann Ceriani is a distinguished figure in the field of mechanical engineering and the co-founder and principal mechanical engineer at Protoshop Inc. With a rich background in biomechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, Dylann has carved a niche in the medical device industry, showcasing her expertise in product development, particularly in in-vitro diagnostics (IVDs) and orthopedics. Her career spans over 25 years, marked by a deep commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency in engineering design. At Protoshop, Dylann leads the charge in revolutionizing prototype tooling, emphasizing the replication of production mold quality in prototypes. Her hands-on approach and strength-based leadership have not only advanced medical device product development but also inspired a generation of engineers.

Dylann Ceriani – LinkedIn
ProtoShop Inc Website


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