S5E19 Krishna Raichur | The Ins & Outs of Engineering Simulation (FEA, CFD)

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S5E19 Krishna Raichur | The Ins & Outs of Engineering Simulation (FEA, CFD)

Aaron Moncur interviews Krishna Raichur about his journey, Krishna shares his insights into simulation technologies, the evolution of engineering tools, and the impact of digital twins and AI/ML algorithms on the industry.

Main Topics:

  • Krishna’s background and journey to simulation engineering
  • Benefits and challenges of simulation implementation
  • Case study on simulating blood flow in an artificial heart design
  • Static vs dynamic simulation, material properties, and limitations
  • Costs of simulation software, ROI considerations and future developments

About the guest: Krishna Raichur is a Principal Engineer at SimuTech Group and an Ansys Certified Elite Channel Partner. With a robust career spanning over three decades, Krishna has made significant contributions to the field of engineering simulation, technical support, and techno-marketing. His expertise in ANSYS products and his passion for educating others make him a distinguished figure in the engineering community.

Krishna Raichur – LinkedIn
SimuTech Group Website


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