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In today’s episode of the Engineering Career Coach Podcast, founder of Pipeline Design & Engineering and host of the Being an Engineer Podcast Aaron Moncur joins Jeff Perry to talk about how Pipeline Design slowly grew into a promising engineering firm. Aaron also talks about how he turned a piece of  bad news into the best thing that has ever happened to his career. Watch out for some entrepreneurship and management advice in this episode.

Aaron and His Journey with Pipeline Design

Aaron began his journey as the founder of Pipeline Design & Engineering when he was laid off from his company. He ventured into other fields after that (real estate, web design, photography), but he eventually went back to engineering as a freelancer, where he realized something important about himself. It turned out that he did not lose interest in engineering.

“I love finding new paths, thinking about new ideas and better ways to do things, and having that high level of ownership.” – Aaron Moncur

Pipeline’s Struggles Through The Years

One of the earliest struggles Aaron had to face with his firm was having too much work. He then started to hire people to get some workload off his shoulders. This marked the firm’s initial step towards growth. The second roadblock he encountered was not having enough leaders to help him with decision-making. He then launched stages of mentorship — a mentorship approach that allows senior employees (whom Aaron mentored) to mentor the new ones.

The growth of Pipeline over the years has been gradual but as Aaron outlined, Team Pipeline has a very specific vision towards expansion, which includes establishing the Pipeline Academy and developing their own products

“What got you to where you are is not going to get you to the next step.”  – Aaron Moncur

The Heights “Intention” Can Reach

Although Aaron did not formally study business in school, he got to share some valuable business and entrepreneurship lessons. He emphasized how important it is to have coaches and coaching groups. He also reads a lot of business and personal development books that constantly brought about new ideas. For Aaron, hard work precedes intelligence, and having an “intention” is power, for it leads you to the exact place where you want to be. 

“What can we accomplish if we have a clear vision that’s written down with as much detail as possible and have an intention about where we want to end up or where we want to go?” – Aaron Moncur

To know more about Aaron Moncur and Pipeline Design and Engineering, watch this episode. 


Aaron has an M.S. in bioengineering and B.S. in mechanical engineering, with 15 years of product development experience. He is the founder of Pipeline Design & Engineering, a firm specializing in the mechanical design of a wide array of products from custom test fixtures to consumer products to medical devices. He is also the host of the Being an Engineer Podcast. The is a go-to source for engineers, where they learn and connect with relevant companies, technologies, people, resources and opportunities.


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