For absolute repeatability and ultimate freedom of motion.


Automation and motion control allow operators or facilities to produce repetitive motions with extreme precision. From simple linear motion to complex multi-axis movement, Pipeline can develop automated motion to increase throughput and reduce operator-related errors.

Using multi-axis robotic arms, stepper motors, linear actuators, air cylinders, machine vision systems and more, the following list represents just a small handful of possible applications with which we can help your organization:

  • Actuating a device’s mechanism thousands of times to ensure reliability
  • Moving a PCB through an assembly line
  • Removing manufactured components out of CNC machinery or molding tools
  • Identifying defects in product, and removing the defective product from the assembly line
  • Measuring real time force and torque values during critical device operations

For simple motion commands (e.g. moving a linear stage from A to B, or defining a cyclical loop through which an operation is performed) Pipeline has developed a comprehensive suite of custom LabVIEW tools that can be easily configured by your technicians to perform application-specific operations. Our software can be deployed as a standard executable program on any Windows PC. It’s simple interface is designed so that no programming or LabVIEW experience is required for an operator to begin using the program immediately (nor does it require the user have their own license of LabVIEW).

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