Mechanical engineering is the core of our company. We are well suited to work with customers looking for a design team that is able to provide the following capabilities:

Understanding of fundamental mechanical engineering principles and ability to apply them to product design

Gifted and experienced CAD (computer aided design) operators (we primarily use SolidWorks 3D CAD)

Working knowledge of manufacturing process (such as plastic injection molding, subtractive manufacturing, 3D printing, etc)

Provide a collaborative network of local vendors and overseas factories for prototype and production manufacturing

Our team of engineers can be quickly scaled to work on projects of varying scope from small to large. If there is an aspect of the project that we cannot handle internally chances are we have vendors in our network that can (such as laser scanning an existing part or performing marketing studies).

Please review some of our recent projects. Is there a solution similar to your project needs? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation of your project.

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