Process design, invention, & benchtop testing for new product development

When A to Z is unclear...

Pipeline offers R&D as a service to our customers who need to develop a new process, product, or technology. Some projects are straightforward and there is a clear path to get from A to Z. Others are not. In these cases experimentation, trial and error, & laboratory testing are required to illuminate the path…in other words research & development (commonly referred to as simply R&D) efforts. We might start by developing a way to get only from A to B, and then from B to C, and so on until at the end we finally reach Z. Or not – there is inherent risk in R&D in that we are exploring and inventing technologies that have never been developed.

From metal working machines (mill & lathe) to a plethora of bench tools to a host of instrumentation and gauges, our R&D lab has been built specifically to enhance our R&D capabilities (we also have a robust “duct tape and super glue” drawer). We have even developed a custom software and tools which allows our team to rapidly deploy & test automation solutions during development without the high costs typically associated with programming and motion control.

Pipeline commonly works with other engineering organizations as an extension of their internal team. We integrate tightly and coordinate closely to ensure the right progress is being made. Our customers who find the most value in outsourcing their R&D activities to us are those who either lack the capability or bandwidth internally to do it themselves, and thus engage Pipeline to do so to accelerate the advancement of their development programs.

Please contact us today to discuss how your team can leverage ours to accelerate the schedule of your new product development programs.


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Pipeline Design & Engineering provides product development services to established product companies, startups, inventors, and any other groups with design & engineering needs. Please contact us today and let’s get started!

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