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In his excellent program “Lead The Field”, personal development guru Early Nightingale tells a story of a business consultant who gave a company a simple productivity tool that enabled them to dramatically increase the companies profitability and effectiveness. As the story goes, it was this tool that eventually turned the then small steel mill into one of the nation’s largest steel providers. And the tool was incredibly simple. Write down the 5 most important things you have to do that day in the order of their importance, and then start working on them. As simple as it sounds, this little known secret weapon is without question one of the most effective ways to increase a person’s productivity, regardless of what industry he’s in.

We recently came across a company that provides basic cards to help users create short task lists as described above. Pioneered by a fellow engineer, Daily Priorities advertises their product as “A low-tech tool in a world of technology overload!” And that’s exactly what it is. You can check them out here: http://www.daily-priorities.com

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