Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

 In Manufacturing, Product Design

What is design for manufacturing and why should you care? DFM is a design process where manufacturability considerations are taken into account as the product is being developed, as opposed to after it’s already developed. This may surprise many people, but all too often products are designed without a thorough knowledge of the manufacturing process by which it will ultimately be produced. This can have devastating effects on the overall price of the product. For example, if a product is to be injection molded, there are very specific design principles that must be adhered to. Departure from these principles can lead to literally tens of thousands of dollars in additional tooling costs. Adherence to these principles can mean the difference between a profitable sales margin, and a lost cause.

Pipeline Design & Engineering ensures each of its designs are carried out in such a way as to be “manufacturing friendly”. Whether it be plastic injection molding, machining, thermoforming, sheet metal, or welding applications, small process-specific features that are incorporated early in the design will have a major impact on the degree to which your product can be economically manufactured. Due to our large network of domestic and overseas vendors across many manufacturing disciplines, we can receive input on even the most obscure or niche design features when our in-house expertise needs augmenting.

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