Rotary Module Mounting Feet Accessory


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The rotary module mounting feet provide users with a simple method of mounting the rotary module base unit (to a baseplate or other structure). Sold as a set of two, each mounting foot offers both Imperial and Metric sized mounting holes. The mounting feet raise the base unit up relative to its mounting surface.

The mounting feet connect to the base unit via a series of patterned holes; in addition to connecting the base unit horizontally, these patterned holes allow users to connect the base unit to the mounting feet at non-horizontal angles.

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  • Due to their length, some accessories may prevent connecting the base unit with these mounting feet in non-horizontal orientations.


  • Three (3) Imperial mounting holes sized for 1/4” screws on 1” centers.
  • Two (2) Metric mounting holes sized for M6 screws on 25mm centers.
  • Places the axis of the base unit 3.5” above its mounting surface.
  • Allows base unit to be connected horizontally, 45 deg up or down, & vertically

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 in


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