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Engineers are known to be curious people. They always want to learn something new and exciting. Although sometimes, it can be difficult (not to mention we’re too busy) to find quality podcasts to get our engineering fix. 

But worry not—we got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a quick 20-minute listen or a full hour extensive discussion among mechanical engineers, this list is curated for you.

Check out these top mechanical engineering podcasts (2021) that professional engineers and student engineers would enjoy for sure! 

These engineering podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


Being an Engineer Podcast

The top mechanical engineering podcast on our list is none other than the Being an Engineer by Aaron Moncur. The Being An Engineer Podcast is a repository for industry knowledge, and a tool through which engineers learn about & connect with relevant companies, technologies, people, resources, and opportunities. Whether you’re an engineering student or a seasoned veteran of the engineering industry, you will benefit from the insights shared by the BAE guests. 

Here’s some of what listeners have to say: 



Great Podcast for Engineers!

Aaron and the Being an Engineer team do a great job of bringing in relevant conversations for engineers at any stage of their careers. A great listen!

Great interviews!

I was one of the guests of the show. I loved Aaron’s balance of in-depth questions and genuine curiosity about the future. The world needs more quality podcasts like this!

Best Engineer Podcast I’ve Found.

Excellent topics. My favorite was the interview with Aaron Moncur. He gave particular insights on how to manage engineers. This podcast is a must listen for any engineer trying to better themselves. Highly recommended.

The Engineering Student Experience Podcast


The second engineering podcast on the list is The Engineering Student Experience Podcast. It’s an engineering podcast for students. This podcast explores topics relevant to current and future engineering students through conversations with practicing engineers, engineering faculty, and engineering students. Paul Nissenson, the host, is a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Cal Poly Pomona in the U.S.




 The Engineering Career Coach Podcast

The third engineering podcast on the list is The Engineering Career Coach.

The Engineering Career Coach (TECC) Podcast provides career advice to engineers of all ages and experience levels. Our host for the show, Anthony Fasano, PE, and Jeff Perry, MBA interviews engineers ranging from recent engineering graduates to professionals from top engineering organizations on different engineering career goals and challenges.

Each show includes a live coaching session with an engineer on real career challenges and an engineer career-changing tip. Topics covered include but are not limited to job search, goal setting, finding a mentor, communication skills, public speaking, networking, organizational skills, productivity, leadership and more.

Team Pipeline CEO and Founder Aaron Moncur got the chance to join Jeff Perry in one of the episodes. Listen here: TECC 250: From Laid Off to Starting an Engineering Firm

Here’s what listeners have to say about this podcast:

Best podcast for soft skills for engineers

Jeff Perry is passionate about helping engineers through career pivots and brings the best out of the guests through the podcast with actionable insights.

Exactly what engineers need right now

This podcast is exactly what engineers need right now. With a range of topics covering personal and professional development, they are providing needed value to build up and influence the engineering community. Thanks for keeping it going!

Product Startup

Moving on to our next mechanical engineering podcast, we have Product Startup.

Product Startup is the hardware product development industry’s #1 podcast. From invention ideas to getting onto store shelves, and everything in between. Hear how inventors, product startups, & small manufacturers created their inventions and launched their physical product businesses.

Learn from the industry’s top industrial designers, mechanical engineers, PCB designers, consumer product managers, manufacturers, patent attorneys, hardware investors, and more.

Learn about industrial design/product design, prototyping, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, product manufacturing, marketing, selling, patenting, logistics, and product business scaling.

Now hosted by Kevin Mako, one of the keynote leaders of the startup product development industry in North America, founder of Mako Design + Invent, and Masters of Engineering lecturer.

Look at these reviews for a preview:

Great show!

I just found this show and I’m ready to start episode nine. Thank you for all the insights into the process of getting a product to market. There is a great array of different businesses and guests with so many ideas and the host has given some great ideas to the guests as well. As someone who has no experience in sales or marketing this resource will be invaluable.

Great Tips and Advice for Your Business

This podcast is perfect for someone is who is trying to get their business up and running, especially if you are developing new products. There are a variety of interviews with entrepreneurs who share their honest advice and experiences with the audience about business startup and product development. This podcast is honestly a hidden gem!

The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast by Scott Tarcy

Another mechanical engineering podcast we found is The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast by Scott Tarcy. Here’s what Scott says about the show: 

“Hi this is Scott Tarcy and welcome to the Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

I’m a mechanical engineer and the president of My company does CAD work and prototyping. I love designing and inventing products and creating businesses around that activity.

There are many podcasts out there about entrepreneurship and a few about inventing, but I have yet to find a podcast specifically about the engineering and technical side of entrepreneurship

Since I couldn’t find the exact podcast that interests me as a design engineer and entrepreneur, I decided to go out and create it myself.

My strategy with this podcast is to interview engineers, designers and inventors who have created businesses around their inventions and products

I specifically want to focus on the engineering and design side of their products and inventions.”

Like the ones on the list, The Engineering Entrepreneur’s audience also speaks highly of the show:

A wealth of knowledge for inventors and other entrepreneurs

This podcast is a gold mine, with tips, tricks and information about 3D printing, Intellectual Property, selling on sites like Etsy, Ebay and, and much more.

I particularly like when Scott Tarcy (the host) reviews previous or current projects on which he is working. His 2019 Top 5 Projects show (episode 76) is a perfect example. If you have a 3D printer or plan to have something made on one, I would especially recommend this podcast.

Great place to start

Really easily digestible info and straight to the point. You’ll have a handful of actionable tips from each episode!

STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia

Also one of the best engineering podcasts out there is STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia. It is an entertaining and revealing podcast, highlighting some of the most badass minority women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) today. You are going to laugh, cry, shout, be inspired, and gain new knowledge from these amazing women. Hosted by award-winning STEM advocate, educator, strategist, mechanical engineer, and motivational speaker, Dr. Natoshia Anderson (Dr. Toshia), join them for an engaging, invigorating, motivational, and inspirational journey. 

Many are loving this show! Here’s a few: 


We See You

Dr. Natoshia, this is an example of “The Work”. The women’s stories captured demystifies “The Process” and normalizes “The Struggle”. As a women in STEM I thank you for sharing the stories, struggles and processes that will inspire the current and next generation! You’re doing an excellent job. I can’t wait until the next episode!

Love Love Love!

I LOVE how this podcast is so progressive and showcasing the amazing women of STEM! I hope this podcast helps encourage more young queens to enter the STEM field ❤️

Impulse To Innovation by IMechE I2I


Here’s another mechanical engineering podcast that is hosted by mechanical engineers themselves: Impulse To Innovation by IMechE I2I is a monthly show of news, views & all things engineering that is hosted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineer’s. Perfect is how one of the listeners describes the show: 


Informative, diverse and engaging. As an aspiring engineer this was great to talk about on my personal statement!

The K12 Engineering Education Podcast by Pios Labs

Just like that, we’re down to the last on the list (definitely not the least!), The K12 Engineering Education Podcast by Pios Labs. It is an engineering podcast promoting education in engineering and design for all ages. Learn more and read transcripts at The show is produced by Pius Wong, engineer of Pios Labs (

This podcast is for educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and parents interested in bringing engineering to younger ages. Listen to real conversations among various professionals in the engineering education space, as we try to find better ways to educate and inspire kids in engineering thinking. For episode transcripts and more information, visit:

Topics include overcoming institutional barriers to engineering and STEM in K12, cool ways to teach engineering, equity in access to engineering, industry needs for engineers, strategies for training teachers, “edtech” solutions for K12 classrooms, curriculum and pedagogy reviews, and research on how kids learn engineering knowledge and skills. 

Go ahead and listen, you may also enjoy it as much as these listeners did: 


Always Learn Something

Even though I’ve benefited from a lot of formal education and experience in the fields of engineering and education, I always discover new knowledge and helpful points of view on this innovative and fascinating podcast. Recommend it to everybody professional or just fascinated by these topics.

A new favorite!

Love this show! Pius has some of the coolest guests, and consistently features conversations packed with actionable takeaways. Definitely an easy one to binge listen!

Excellent STEAM podcast!

This podcast does a great job covering a wide variety of topics in science, tech, eng, arts and math. Definitely peruse the episode topics – there’s stuff for parents, kids, teachers, admin and even non-ed professionals! Of course, you could listen to them all to broaden your own thinking by hearing all the other perspectives and what each group or person interviewed really cares about. 😉


Once again, these engineering podcasts are available both on Apple and Spotify. They are 100% the best engineering podcasts out there, so you can add them to your playlist and have a listen while working, during your free time, or whenever you feel like it. Also, feel free to add if a specific favorite is not in there. Happy listening! 


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You’ve read this far! Therefore, it’s time to turn your headphones up and listen now to this episode to learn all these. Above all, don’t forget to tell your friends who might like this too!

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