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Sean McEligot

In this episode, we’ll discuss what it’s like working at the Mayo Clinic’s engineering department. We also talk about what the Mayo Clinic looks for in engineers they hire. Check out the part where we touch on translational medicine, and the latest engineering technologies they’re working on. (Hint: Titanium 3D printing)

Sean McEligot is Section Head of medical device research and development at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. He’s Division of Engineering, Quality Manager, has second-line managerial responsibility for the Applied Computational Engineering Unit, the Biomechanical Development Unit, and the Biomechanical Shop. He is the Director of the Mayo Clinic Division of Engineering Additive Manufacturing Facility and oversees the Division of Engineering Microfabrication Facility. He has a BS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and a Masters of Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota.

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Machine Design Magazine article: How do Medical Organizations Use Additive Manufacturing?

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