Hands-free Device Stands

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Source: Ridge Design

Source: Ridge Design

A seemingly simple device can make a world of difference in your daily life. We slouch in front of computers, we hold our phones while laying down, we prop laptops in our laps and hunch over them to see them better. Day in and day out, your posture is being compromised by trying to view devices in the easiest and most comfortable way possible. A device stand, such as these ones developed by Ridge Design, allow you to prop up your devices in a way that is more ergonomically correct. You can position your devices to an angle that is comfortable for you and helpful to your posture and workflow.

Our team of engineers has worked with another company, Smart Tray International, to integrate their proprietary device holder into seat trays on airplanes, cars, buses and trains. This integration allows hands-free use of portable electronic devices and a more pleasant passenger experience while flying at 39,000 feet. You can learn more about Pipeline’s engineering & design accomplishments for this project here.


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