Tim Rempfer | Harley-Davidson, Device Reprocessing an Keeping a High Level Perspective

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Tim Rempfer

Join our conversation with Tim Rempfer as he shares his experience as a machinist fabricating custom Harley-Davidson motor and drive train components. He tells us interesting stories growing up in the Mojave Desert, and how he reprocessed one-time use medical devices. Tim also shares his wisdom surrounding understanding our businesses and production lines at a high level to avoid the trap of tunnel vision as an engineer.

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The Being An Engineer podcast is brought to you by Pipeline Design & Engineering. Pipeline partners with medical device and other product engineering teams who need turnkey equipment such as cycle test machines, custom test fixtures, automation equipment, assembly jigs, inspection stations and more. You can find us on the web at https://teampipeline.us


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Gluing FixtureCycle Test StationCatheter Tip Deflection Fixture

Functional Test Station



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