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Sol Rosenbaum

Sol Rosenbaum is an energy engineer with both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Sol is also passionate about mentoring younger engineers, so much so that he has founded where he helps people in the industry find jobs, network, and learn non-technical skills.

About Being An Engineer

The Being an Engineer podcast is a repository for industry knowledge and a tool through which engineers learn about and connect with relevant companies, technologies, people resources, and opportunities. We feature successful mechanical engineers and interview engineers who are passionate about their work and who made a great impact on the engineering community.

The Being An Engineer podcast is brought to you by Pipeline Design & Engineering. Pipeline partners with medical & other device engineering teams who need turnkey equipment such as cycle test machines, custom test fixtures, automation equipment, assembly jigs, inspection stations and more. You can find us on the web at


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Sol Rosenbaum


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