S5E24 Dion Lopes | Manufacturing processes & Implementing New Technologies

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S5E24 Dion Lopes | Manufacturing processes & Implementing New Technologies

In this episode, we delve into Dion’s remarkable journey in medical device manufacturing. We explore his wealth of experience and expertise, spanning crucial aspects such as product development, regulatory submissions, and the implementation of various manufacturing technologies.

Main Topics:

  • Pneumatic welding process challenges and qualifications
  • Best practices for developing and optimizing nitinol welding processes
  • Experience overcoming a tough FDA regulatory hurdle
  • Principles for mentorship, failure, and learning in engineering
  • Evaluating and implementing new technologies
  • Skills required for today’s manufacturing engineers

About the guest: Dion Lopes is an accomplished engineering leader with a deep track record in the medical device industry. Dion’s career highlights include key roles at several top organizations, such as Director of Manufacturing Engineering at Imperative Care, Senior Manager of Manufacturing and Production at Intersect ENT (now part of Medtronic), and various leadership positions at PneumRx and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

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