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What to learn on this episode?

Want to know about how an engineer develops their products? Today we’re going to find out about how Michael Kaeding does this! 

In this episode of The being an engineer podcast, Michael Kaeding shares his journey from his first job to his current, what he learned, what he improved, and what he can share with others.

Who is Michael Kaeding?

Michael Kaeding received his Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) focused in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. From being a fresh graduate he is now an experienced Project Engineer working in machinery, specializing in the agricultural and mining industry. He’s skilled in 3D modelling software, such as SolidWorks, Autodesk, and Inventor. (you’ll see what I mean when you start listening). He gained a bunch of experience allowing him to provide practical, easy-to-use pieces of equipment for a variety of customers. Currently, Michael is working at Rockford Engineering Works Ltd. 

Click here to contact and learn more about Michael Kaeding.

About Being An Engineer

The Being An Engineer podcast is brought to you by Pipeline Design & Engineering. Pipeline partners with medical & other device engineering teams who need turnkey equipment such as cycle test machines, custom test fixtures, automation equipment, assembly jigs, inspection stations and more. You can find us on the web at www.teampipeline.us


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